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25TH – 26TH MARCH 2025, LONDON

Connecting business with cyber security

The-C2 is an exclusive, invite-only threat intelligence event that connects multinational business executives with the cutting edge of the cyber security industry. The event enables frank and open discussion of the developing digital threat landscape between global security leaders.

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With exclusively and personally invited delegates, The-C2 provides a bespoke experience for leaders in security and threat intelligence by enabling frank discussions and providing access to international leaders in threat intelligence.

The-C2 pools invaluable experiences and expertise from across the globe to identify the developments in cyber threats and evolving mitigation measures.

The-C2 is hosted by SE Labs, the world’s leading security testing lab. Its unique position in the industry provides a route to understanding both the developing threat landscape and the evolving security measures for defending against attackers.

Delegates are from a range of industries, including nuclear energy, defence, legal, natural resources and high tech.

Speakers includes industry analysts and practically experienced cyber security experts from SE Labs’ network of commercial organisations, law enforcement and the military.

The conference’s focus is very much on peer-to-peer, trusted conversations.


The speakers for 2025 will be announced in the coming months

A sample of our previous amazing speakers

Simon Edwards


SE Labs

Gonçalo Ribeiro

Head of Cyber Intelligence


Martin Lee



Allie Mellen

Principal Analyst, Security and Risk


Joshua Saxe

Tech lead applying AI to cybersecurity and reducing AI’s cybersecurity risks


Dr. Richard Ford

Daniel Cuthbert

Global Head of Cyber Security Research

Banco Santander

Nabil Khokhar

Founder and CEO


Stefanie Metka

Head, Cyber Threat Analysis Branch and NCIRC Coordination Centre


Joel Spurlock

VP, Data Science


Jeremy Kirk

Executive Editor, Cyber Threat Intelligence

Intel 471

Terry Budd

Trial Attorney Privacy/ Cyber security

Budd Law PLLC

St John Harold

Group Information Security Manager

PM Group

Jennifer McGhee


Element Materials Technology

Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood

Former Chair of UK Defence Select Committee

UK Government

THE-C2 2024


A sneak peak into The-C2 2024


The-C2 Club House

The-C2 is held annually at Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London

Our venue is key to the character of The-C2

This security conference is for security leaders. There is no better place to host such an event than at Merchant Taylors’ Hall.

For over 700 years it has hosted gatherings for key figures in our medieval and modern history.

The Merchant Taylors’ Company was formalised by royal charter in 1327 and has occupied the same site on Threadneedle Street since at least 1347. It is the only ancient Livery Company to remain on its original site. Through history many noblemen, some noblewomen and several Kings of England have entered its ranks as honorary freemen.

The Company has enjoyed royal patronage over the years; along with admitting many royals into the Company. Edward III (1327-77) and Henry VII (1485-1509) were admitted as members of the fraternity. More recently, both the late Queen Mother and the late Princess Diana were made honorary Merchant Taylors.

Through history Merchant Taylors has continued to play a prominent part in City life, within an ever-changing political and social landscape. Attendees of The-C2 join the ranks of several Kings and Queens of Britain, Mayors of London and a host of other historical figures (as well as Harry Potter).

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